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    [TTV] Full-stack Drupal Engineer (Up to $1,500)

    Transcosmos Technologic Arts is looking for Full-stack Drupal Engineer. Please submit your CV at hr@tctav.com


    The successful candidate will work closely with the Solutions Development team to design and develop Web CMS solutions for our customers. The main responsibilities include: plan, architect, integrate and develop front and back-end software solutions for Web.


    - Develop software solutions by analysing customer and systems requirements, data flows and usage ensuring the best in-class software solution is developed following the software development lifecycle.
    - Identify and design the appropriate software architecture based on the requirements through user cases and Unified Modelling Language (UML).
    - Evaluate technologies and review technical planning.
    - Fix bugs and resolve ongoing issues
    - Support the development and ongoing maintenance of our develops platform and products.
    - Write technical documentation and specifications using flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts and code comments.
    - Support on estimation and proposals.


    • At least 3+ years’ experience developing and deploying end to end Web/CMS projects.
    • Drupal certification a big plus.
    • Experience using and setting up server side web frameworks.
    • Object-oriented design and development strategies.
    • Software Debugging: expert level.
    • Good level of Software Design skills.
    • Web services/API experiences is a bonus.
    • Database and data modelling knowledge (SQL, NoSQL, Schema Design).
    • Experience on E-Commerce is a big plus (Magento preferred).
    Sửa lần cuối bởi TTV; 20-09-2016 lúc 10:11 AM.

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